All Natural Flea & Tick Repellent

All Natural Flea & Tick Repellent

Keep your pets and kids safe with a natural alternative
“All natural flea and tick repellent that really works”

Do you have pets?

Do you worry about the fleas and ticks those pets may carry into your home?

Would you like a totally natural solution, a totally green solution for flea and tick control?

One of the major concerns regarding ticks is they carry Lyme’s disease, which if left untreated can lead to serious neurological problems. When flea and tick season came around I knew I needed to find a natural way to control the mites.

As far as I am concerned, synthesised products like Frontline are too harsh for animals, no matter what they say on the labels. Not to mention, these chemicals being placed on the backs of your dog or cat can then be transferred to your children when they pat and play with them – your child has the chemicals all over their hands, which are then placed in their eyes or their mouth and digested……what a horrible thought my toddler eating Frontline!

I use the Gone Band collar for my pets. It is infused with the scent of peppermint, which is air activated, creating a vapour barrier around your pet. It’s as simple as the fact that the insects hate the scent of peppermint.

There are also Gone Bands for humans which work well at keeping ticks off us. Simply attach the Gone Band before going outside, and you are protected against ticks, flies, mosquitoes and fleas. It is especially good for children as commercial insect sprays contain dangerous chemicals, such as DEET.

Gone Band products are a small miracle, they simply work.  And work better than any other flea and tick repellent I have ever used. But it does not end there. Gone Bands can be stored back in their bags when not in use and don’t lose any of their efficacy, which makes them very inexpensive. They also smell good, like pine trees, or a Christmas tree.  I will never be without them again for the kids or our pets. How wonderful it is to find such a natural, inexpensive and effective product.