What’s all the fuss about?

What do you know about Miranda Kerr?

That she has a beautiful baby boy called Flynn and a beautiful big boy called Orlando. And that beautiful baby was somewhere up near 10 pounds and less than 2 months later she was back baring her bod on the catwalk. Hmm.

Perhaps it is that she is a practising Buddhist and alleged former motorbike racer (comes with the territory of growing up in Gunnedah).  Or that she won a modelling competition at the tender age of 13 but ditched the bright lights til she’d finished school and studied nutrition and health psychology.

Clever woman!

Intelligence which not only covers her career, but also extends to her family.  Baby Flynn has been photographed everywhere lately with a smart-looking soother (dummy) between his cherub lips – and he is a trend setter, they are starting to appear everywhere.  So what is it?

Flynn Bloom uses a Natural Rubber Soother by makeUwell

Flynn and his Natural Rubber Soother

Our Natural Rubber Soother is the answer! 

For a woman who has extensively studied the question of “what goes into our mouth and bodies”, you would expect nothing less than an all natural, chemical-free product going into her baby’s.  The Natural Rubber Soother is renowned for its health properties, and baby Flynn is rarely pictured without it.

The soother is as hygienic as you can get, because it is all one piece, no cracks or joins for bacteria to hide away in. And, the protein which causes a latex allergic reaction, has been eliminated.   There is no BPA, parabens, PVC or phthalates – all chemicals which are as nasty as they read.

What’s not to love!  To make sure your bub is as safe (and trendy!) as can be – grab yours here.